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Work for us!

Love good food, want to make a difference, have ideas and enthusiasm?

Come and join our passionate and talented team at Twelve 15 .

A dinner lady pretends to play the guitar using a skillet pan.

Are you one of us? Join us!

We are great people to work with!

Team Twelve15 people are team players who  put their hearts and souls into providing exciting, innovative and tasty food, helping children to develop a passion and interest for good, nutritious, healthy food.

Want to develop ?…. our training and development programme provides you  with the opportunity to develop your  skills and knowledge as well as supporting you through the essentials. Our apprenticeship programme provides the opportunity to gain professional qualifications. If you are the sort of person who’s keen to show off your skills, we’ll be right behind you with the help and encouragement you need to enter industry competitions and win awards.

Our staff are the beating heart of Team Twelve15 whose ideas help to shape our innovative service delivery.

In school kitchens, term time working hours provide the perfect opportunity for a great family work life balance .