Team Twelve15

Team Twelve15


Sarah Atkinson

Head of Twelve15

Sarah leads from the front and has a wealth of experience gained in both the public and private sector. Her passion for service excellence is driving the growth and transformation of Twelve15.


Ranj Sundal

Head of Finance

We are in the very fortunate and rare position to have a highly skilled finance professional and a catalyst of our creative team in the same body. Ranj has endless hidden talents and if you need 12-15 innovative ideas, he is the one to go to. If you need money, that’s a tough one. You really need to back it up, and have a convincing ROI plan.


Mary Shipley

Regional Manager

In addition to leading a team delivering catering services to Primary and Secondary schools, Mary is the stalwart behind Twelve15’s diverse training and development programme which constantly seeks out new and innovative ways to develop our catering teams. She is also the guardian of our exacting Assured Safe Catering programme, ensuring the safety of all of our customers.


Allyson Lloyd

Regional Manager

In addition to leading a team delivering catering services to Primary and Secondary schools, Allyson’s passion lies in development. She thrives on change and searching out what different might look and feel like for our customers. She also leads on Communications both internal and external and loves to engage with people, using feedback to help develop Twelve15’s service solutions.


Jackie Murphy

Business Services Manager

The One to go to if there is any question that needs an answer and if there is anything needs to be fixed. Her organisational skills are incredible and her keeping cool abilities are unbelievable. Jackie is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for Twelve15.


Mark Capper

Food Development Manager

The reliable library of dos and don’ts, the talking legislation book with amazing multitasking skills and attention for detail. Organises and takes care of our wide and huge supplier chain, making sure the ingredients are always at the right place at the right time. His team develop our menus and special diets that we are super proud of.


Krisztina Ustinov

Marketing and Brand Manager

Experienced marketer with advanced creative skills who constantly pushes us out of our comfort zone but does it gently and with care. She only markets the things she believes in and she is in love with. She said we were love at first sight.