Our footprint

We want to live in a world where our planet is cared for, and the people on it have healthy bodies and minds

Our footprint

We love our planet, so we do our business responsibly

Three brass apron hooks

Making a positive difference

Strengthening the bedrock of our healthy future generation

We take the responsibility of feeding young people very seriously. We are proud to help children eat healthy, to make a positive difference to their life and future. The love of food is undeniably flowing in our veins and it’s amazing to merge flavours with quality, healthy ingredients.

We are also on a mission to change the lunch time experience and make students love their lunch breaks. We enjoy teasing taste buds with new, exciting foods, tastes, smells and textures. Beyond all this, we do our best to spread the word of health, nutritional facts, emphasising how our choices influence life-long health and wellbeing.

People and planet in heart

Doing business responsibly

Social responsibility is something we’ve always been very passionate about. We do not compromise on quality. We are proud of our ethical food chain and proud of the fact that over 80% of our ingredients are sourced locally, which helps to ease the carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere.

Our amazing suppliers are partners in reducing packaging and pointless plastics and only last year we saved the land fills from 35k plastic bags by this movement. We recycle the majority of our waste, composting where possible. We contribute to our local economy by employing over 1200 members of staff who all live locally.

We always take care of the resources we use and the way it impacts on the world around us.

A jug of water, flavoured with rosmary, cucumber and lemon.

Reuse, reduce, upcycle

We love telling our story in every way

We truly see beauty in what we do at every level. You might see an old fork as cutlery that is ready to be replaced. We proudly wear the unwanted ones as beautiful crafty  bangles. Whisk is broken? Can’t be fixed? No problem! We give another life to it to bring some calm vibes into our offices/kitchens by turning it into a unique lamp. Baking tins turned into shelves, old tins, jars into pots.

We love our history and every time something is ready to be replaced, we can’t help the thought emerging: if these things could talk… so we keep them and let them talk. We love discovering and utilising our team members’ hidden talents, just as involving students and teachers into our environmental projects.