Free school meals

Healthy, tasty, doesn’t cost anything

Free school meals

Healthy, tasty, doesn’t cost anything

Universal Infant Free School Meals for all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students aims to ensure that future generations establish healthy eating habits and eat a nutritious meal at school that supports their learning.

It is vital for the development of a child at this age to have a nutritious, balanced meal every day. Good food provision in schools has been shown to lead not only to healthier children but to improved attainment. We make it really tasty, so children love dining with us too.

A young boy, showing off a healthy fruit skewer he has made

SAVE over £400 per year

Free for all reception, Year 1 and 2 students!

Restaurant quality food with flavours from around the world and carefully chosen high quality ingredients, made from scratch every single day in the school.

Nutritious, balanced, tasty and developed by award winning chefs, we go further than providing top quality meals for your child. We pass on the knowledge about food facts, involve fun in dining and explore good food via theme days. We want to raise good Gastronauts who will understand the importance of eating well.

All this for free as well as saving you over £400 a year, it also saves you the time of preparing balanced, diverse packed lunches every day.

Free means quality

With us, it is a guarantee

We want to challenge the perception of school meals. In our kitchens school meals taste great and have outstanding quality. See, try, taste it yourself!

Come along and visit us at the food tasting sessions. Get to know more about our suppliers, local farmers, millers, follow our social channels. Learn how we source 80% of our ingredients locally and seasonally from the UK.

We cook and oven bake our meals from scratch every day in the schools, using our own reduced salt and sugar recipes. Our menu has exciting flavours, making sure students look forward to lunchtime and get good nutrition for their studies and activities.

A plate of chicken pasta, with pesto and a healthy salad

Year 3 and beyond

Unbeatable quality offer

From Year 3 your child can still have the same high quality, nutritious and exciting two course hot meal for only £2.40 a day.

Every school day children have the choice of 3 main options. Did you know we have a vegetarian option every day?

Our menu and the complementary activities around it helps your child to develop a healthy approach to food choices which is crucial in the current national obesity and children’s tooth decay crisis.

Children in year 3 and above may also be entitled to a free school meal. If you would like to know more, speak to the office staff at your child’s school or go to the GOV.UK website to make sure you don’t miss out on this great saving.